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Exit Interviews

Gurcharan Singh


Name: Gurcharan Singh
Qualifications: B.Sc, MBA
Assessment of the Course: Useful & Good/ Just Like that/ Very professionally designed.

Reason: The course is designed keeping in mind the complexities of the Islamic Banking and challenges in modern era. The professional approach and live examples/assessments and country specific examples are giving this course a different dimension.
Topics that interested most: The project topic helped me to understand the Risk involved in various Islamic banking concepts and effective risk management in Islamic banking.
Parting Comment to IIBF Team: I enjoyed my stint with IIBF and explored a different world of Islamic Banking which works on the strict principles of Shariah. The Islamic Banking and finance was a completely new concept for me before starting of this course, but as the course progressed I started liking this concept and found it interesting and value added if we compare the same with conventional banking practices. Few of the Islamic Banking products like Ijarah, Islamic credit cards and Musharakah and Mudarabah grab my attention and I felt these concepts can change or will revamp the Indian Banking Industry, if used effectively.
And Fellow Students: Only advice which I can give is to go through the contents of the course carefully and understand, compare the concepts with conventional banking to find out the inner beauty or essence of the Islamic Banking. The Course module designed by IIBF is very valuable and if read thoroughly can give complete idea and outline of Islamic banking. All the best to IIBF team.
Ms.Filsen Mohammed Mehmoud (Ethiopia)
Fahim ur Rehman
Patrick Jana (Leicester-UK)
Zubair Ahmed
Naveed Jailor
Ms.Hana'a Masud
Mahin V.M
Naser Shaik
Ms.Sadaf Gul
Mohammad Haseeb
Mohammad Rachidi (Morocco)
Sachin Anand Bhatia
Azhar Rauf
R. Rajashekhar
Mohammad Golam Kabir
Marcus Jose
Yusufuddin Jamaluddin Shaikh