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Established in 1996 the Institute is India's first and only of its kind offering courses and training in the field of Islamic Banking and Finance pursued by about 1000 students from more than 24 countries worldwide. Self accredited academically autonomous the Institute functions on the lines of similar professional Institute of Banking and Finance, Chartered Accountants and other professional bodies. Distinguished alumni have successful secured jobs in leading Islamic banks and Islamic Financial institutions in the Middle East and elsewhere. Leading Universities in the UK offer transfer of credit facility for the PGDIBF holders of the Institute for their Masters program M.Sc.(Islamic Finance ) More than a few thousand enquiries are received from across the globe regarding the courses offered by the Institute.


The Gateway Program
Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance

This is an exclusive threshold gateway program designed under Distance learning mode to offer knowledge resource in a comprehensive and compact manner thereby motivating students to explore further avenues for knowledge of this fast expanding and vast global Islamic finance domain. The course is designed by a professional Islamic banker in such a manner that the student learns at his/her convenience and feels an urge while pursuing the course to gather more information from various other sources by browsing a large number of websites on Islamic Banking & Finance.


Graduates in any discipline from a recognized university with simple ability to understand English language as the entire material is designed in the same language. Students in the final year of their graduation can also register and pursue the course but the diploma will be issued only after successful completion of degree and submission of a self attested copy of the certificate.

Religious Scholars like Aalim and Faazil from renowned madrasaas can also register for the course subject to proving their proficiency in English language.

The course is revised and reprinted with effect from 1st January 2017. The reprint Modules and CD carry a Foreword from Vice Chancellor, University of Hyderabad.


   From the Dean's Desk
Global Round up - Islamic Banking & Finance
Chapter-1Religious perspective - Background with socio-ethical aspects of Islamic economics,banking and finance
Chapter-2Principles and practice of Islamic financing

Modules - I & II
Chapter-1Islamic Economics
Chapter-2Conventional Economics
Chapter-3Distributive Justice in Islam
Chapter-4Fiqh – Islamic financial Jurisprudence
Chapter-5Profit Vs. Bank interest
Chapter-1Monetary policy in Islamic perspective
Chapter-2Major problems being faced by Islamic banks
Chapter-3Introduction to Islamic economics,banking and finance
Chapter-4Islamic banking and finance in theory and practice
Chapter-5Islamic financial institutions (IFI's) in India - Historical background,present status and future strategy
Chapter-6Compendium of Fatwas prohibiting bank interest
Chapter-7Resolutions and recommendations of Al Baraka Symposia on Islamic economy.

Modules - III & IV
Chapter-1Public Finance in Islam - Study of Zakah,Ushr & Kharaj
Chapter-2Islamic finance in tax perspective
Chapter-3Takaful – Islamic insurance
Chapter-4Islamic fund management & Securities market
Chapter-5Islamic Credit Cards
This Module is based on dual learning mode, that is, partly in the text form, in the text and partly from the CD as E-Session
Chapter-1Operational Islamic Banking - Detailed study of Ijarah,Murabaha,Musharika,Mudarabah,Istisna,Salam,Muzaraa & Qard-e-hasan
Chapter-2Documents and Documentation
Chapter-3Islamic Microfinance
Chapter-4Islamic Investment banking - Detailed study of Islamic mutual funds,Islamic bonds - SUKUK,Private banking and private equity & Islamic wealth management

Modules - V & VI
MODULE - VIRecapitulation and Electives specialization

Marks Distribution

Modules – I & II200
Modules – III & IV200
Module – V(First Phase)250
Module – V(Second Phase)250
Module – VI100